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Cadence Sports & Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Release 2019 Million Dollar Club List of America’s Top Cycling Fundraising Events:

Austin, TX – At least 48 cause-related cycling rides raised more than $1 million each in 2019, according to the annual study released by Cadence Sports & the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum.

This study goes deep into exploring individual events to disclose which rides were members of the “Million Dollar Club” which is topped by the Pan-Mass Challenge, a single weekend event that raised a jaw-dropping $63 million in 2019.

“The cause-related cycling space is continuing to flourish as more folks hop on a bike and become engaged in an impactful mission – and not necessarily in that order. As a leader in the cause endurance production space, our team takes great joy in publishing this study each year,” said Gary Metcalf, Co-Founder, and President of Cadence Sports.

“The Million Dollar Club list is a tremendous addition to our knowledge of the cycling fundraising space,” said David Hessekiel, president of the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum, which releases lists of the top thirty US and Canada-based peer-to-peer fundraising programs during the first quarter of each year.

Topping the just-released Million Dollar Club list are ten rides that have been dubbed “The Breakaway Group” for their industry-leading fundraising achievements.

  • The Pan-Mass Challenge (Massachusetts) – $63,000,000
  • Pelotonia (Ohio) – $23,233,265
  • AIDS/LifeCycle (California) – $16,800,000
  • Texas MS 150 (Texas) – $13,691,025
  • Bike 4 Chai (New York) – $10,400,000
  • Best Buddies Challenge (Massachusetts) – $6,600,000
  • The Ride for Roswell (New York) – $5,671,759
  • Dolphins Cancer Challenge (Florida) – $5,237,879
  • Bike MS: City to Shore (Pennsylvania) – $4,974,767
  • Velosano (Ohio) – $4,752,810

Click HERE to view the Million Dollar Club infographic.
Click HERE to view the Million Dollar Club supporting data.

About Cadence Sports:
Cadence Sports, Inc. is a full-service event production company based in Austin, TX that specializes in the planning, promotion, and production of cause-related single & multi-day events.

About Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum:
The Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum supports its community of fundraisers through its annual conference, monthly webinars, timely data and information, and a vibrant online community all of which can be accessed by visiting


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